Carlow defender Lawlor feels they will be primed and ready for the qualifiers

Carlow will be facing Tyrone next

Carlow Senior Football defender Conor Lawlor says they will be ready and primed for the challenge of Tyrone in the All-Ireland Qualifier.

Speaking to KCLR after Sunday’s defeat to Laois, Conor says they have no fear of anyone.

“No matter who’s in the draw, we will look forward to them like in fairness, we don’t fear anyone anymore and that’s a good thing.

” Going back a few years, it could have been Carlow would have got someone and there is the season over, but not anymore, we will go into any game now ready and primed.

“We are all disappointed that we couldn’t give them(The Supporters) what they deserved, but that’s for another day, but like it’s great to see them up there to see the cheer to hear Carlow been roared like it was, it’s amazing.

“Even though we were 4 points down with two minutes to go, they stayed to the end in fairness to them and that’s what you want,” he said.