Camross Camogie Manager feels Myshall have an advantage over them

Camross Camogie Manager Fergal Cuddy says that Myshall have a major advantage having had games the past two weekends.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Sunday’s Leinster Intermediate Championship Semi-Final, Fergal says it’s a worry they haven’t had a game for a while.

“Myshall are just after coming off the back having a great year last year and winning an All-Ireland there as well so they are battled hardened and the two games is a major help to them like.

“After our County Final, training was good but we found it hard to get practice matches and keep the intensity up that we had for the County Final up.

“It is a worry going into the match on Sunday that Myshall only had a win there last Sunday as well and when your on the road, and you get the momentum, it’s a big advantage going into games,” he said.