“Brendan Murphy gets a lot of unfair flak” – Rathvilly manager Victor Doyle

Rathvilly Senior Football manager Victor Doyle says that Brendan Murphy gets a lot of unfair flak.

Brendan along with the rest of the Inter-County squad will not be involved for their clubs this weekend as they prepare for Carlows Leinster Senior Football Quarter Final clash with Dublin.

Speaking to Victor says that Brendan doesn’t get the protection he needs from match officials….

“He gets a lot of flak from other clubs I suppose and from sometimes media as well in commentary and different things, he gets a lot of flak”

“Brendan would be a guy that would try his hardest in every game, we know that from his club and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, he can get a little bit frustrated”

“He showed his true colors there Sunday, but I think in any place in Carlow, he maybe gets a little bit more attention and maybe doesn’t get the protection that he needs from officials not all the time but sometimes I think and that maybe frustrates him”