Ballyhale Shamrocks manager says Peter Barry has brought a lot to James Stephens this year

Ballyhale Shamrocks manager Andy Maloney says that Peter Barry being involved with the James Stephens back-room team has brought a renewed sense of enthusiasm to the Village set-up.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Sunday’s County Senior Semi-Final, Andy says neither team will gain any advantage from having to play their Quarter-Final replays last Saturday…

“Both teams have come the hard route I suppose really through the first round and into the Quarter-Finals with a draw in each so look, I think both teams are coming into this I suppose well prepared and I suppose the best team is going to win at the end of the day and James Stephens have a good outfit, they are very well prepared”

“I think Peter Barry is involved with them there now”

“I know they have a renewed sense of enthusiasm of what they want to do in this Championship and we are probably in the same boat where we are kind of looking at the same thing so it makes for a good game”