LIVE: BAMMA 30 Philpott v Walsh, 3 Arena Dublin

BAMMA 30: Philpott v Walsh
BAMMA 30: Philpott v Walsh

BAMMA 30 is live tonight (Friday) at Dublin’s 3 Arena. Headlined by a World Bantamweight title fight between Alan ‘The Apprentice’ Philpott and Shay Walsh.

Kilkenny’s Mick ‘Basher’ Brennan appears on the under card in a featherweight bout against Northern Ireland’s Decky ‘The Diamond’ Dalton.

Preliminary fights are shown on the UNILAD Facebook page with DAVE (UK) hosting the main card on TV.

We’re cage-side for live blog updates right across the night with the first fight expected around 5.45/6pm.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20175:07 pm

Just gone after 5pm and we’re live cage-side at BAMMA 30 – keep an eye on the blog and watch for the bamma hashtag doing the rounds.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20175:08 pm

It’s Jamie Brophy joining me (kenmcguire ) here – we’ll keep you update on the fights, photos and happenings at Dublin’s 3 Arena until the close of the card tonight.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20175:32 pm

Maciek Gierszewski making his way to the cage to the tune of The Fugees ‘Ready Or Not’ – we’re off and running for the first fight of the night.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20175:35 pm

The lads are coming out with some mighty entrance tunes here… Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams plays Steve Owens out for his entrance. tune

Ken McGuire 7th July 20175:42 pm

Maciek Gierszewski gets the job done inside round round 1!

Ken McGuire 7th July 20175:45 pm

Plenty of back and forth action in the first bout for BAMMA 30, but it’s Northern Ireland-based Maciek Gierszewski who lands some heavy hands on SBG’s Steve Owens to pick up a TKO win with 40 seconds left to go in round one.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20175:51 pm

Looking for just the results? Find them here –

Ken McGuire 7th July 20175:53 pm

Second fight of the night – Dylan Logan v Arran Maguire (Featherweight).

Dylan’s walking out to Don’t Sweat The Technique by Eric B & Rakim… another tune

Ken McGuire 7th July 20175:54 pm

Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me played out Cork’s Arran Maguire.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20175:59 pm

Into the home stretch for round one of Logan v Maguire (no relation), it’s been all pressure from Maguire so far, making the height disadvantage count by taking it to the ground for the round.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:01 pm

Not even ten seconds on round 2, straight to the ground again as Maguire lands his fifth takedown of the night.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:08 pm

Into round 3 for Logan v Maguire and it’s business as usual, Maguire with the quick takedown to get the game to the ground. Referee stands them up…

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:09 pm

Maguire almost had it at the end of the second round, deep armbar but couldn’t close out. 3 minutes to go and it’s back on the ground.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:18 pm

RESULT: Arran Maguire def Dylan Logan via TKO, 4:20 Round 3

Logan needing some attention in the cage following the stoppage.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:18 pm

Facebook stream due to go live at 6.30pm but things press on here as Kilkenny’s Mick Brennan next to the cage to take on Decky Dalton.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:23 pm

Here we go…

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:24 pm

Brennan with the hip toss, gets Dalton to the ground with 2.40 left in round 1…

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:25 pm

Dalton with a good job of stuffing the takedown attempts earlier in the round. The game goes to the ground but Dalton gets the stand up 2 minutes out.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:26 pm

60 seconds on the clock, Brennan shoots and lands a second takedown, immediately goes for the back as Dalton turtles up.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:27 pm

Dalton reverses, and the scramble continues with Brennan reversing…

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:30 pm

Into the second round here. Dalton with a knee to the face stops proceedings at 3:33 remaining for a medical check as Brennan gets cut deep.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:31 pm

It’s all over… medical stoppage gives Decky Dalton the win.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:34 pm

Result: Stoppage at 1:15 in Round 2 due to an injury to Brennan (heavy cut due to that knee early in the second round by the looks of it), gives Dalton the victory.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:37 pm

Harry Hardwick makes his way to the cage to the tune of David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs as tonight’s fourth bout is set.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:39 pm

Till I Collapse (Eminem) plays Blaine O’Driscoll to the cage in Dublin’s 3 Arena. Refresh the blog now to get the live Facebook stream.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:41 pm

Crowd filling out nicely in the early stages of the evening here. Crowd definitely on Blaine O’Driscoll’s side. Massive support for the 4-1 man. Ireland v England (Harry Hardwick) right here.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:47 pm

That’s round 1 in the books for O’Driscoll v Hardwick. Massive pressure from the Irishman right through out the round, good take down attempts, great mix up of striking on show…. but Hardwick hangs in their to round 2.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:54 pm

Result: It’s all over in the fourth fight of the night as Blaine O’Driscoll picks up an RNC submission deep in the second round (4:42) to move to 5-1.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:57 pm

The official results of the night so far…

Ken McGuire 7th July 20176:58 pm

Solid tunes all night long on the entrance front – Kendrick Lamar’s DNA brings the Spidermonkey to the cage.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:04 pm

Barley time to settle into this one and it’s all over.

Matt Clempner with a first round submission (1:45), crazy modified triangle choke for the win over Ben Forsyth.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:07 pm

Waldemar Cichy walks out to Foo Fighters for his professional and BAMMA debut to take on Kiefer Crosbie. Cichy a late replacement announced at the weigh ins yesterday.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:11 pm

Nicki Minaj’s Big Daddy sends Kiefer Crosbie out for the sixth fight of the night.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:16 pm

Another early stoppage as Crosbie makes the elbows count, opens up a cut on Cichy and presses forward with heavy shots for a TKO stoppage at 2:01 in Round 1.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:19 pm

Daniel ‘Obi Wan’ Olejniczak makes his way to the cage for tonight’s seventh bout with Sam Lee & Daniel Pemberton’s ‘The Devil & The Huntsmen’ playing out.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:21 pm

From head kicks at the weigh in yesterday, Richard Kiely steps into the cage. The self-proclaimed “face of BAMMA” looking to notch up a second victory in a row.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:23 pm

Underway here for Round 1 of Kiely and Obi Wan…

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:24 pm

Tentative start to the round with 60 seconds gone…

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:29 pm

Round 1 in the bag for Kiely and Obi Wan. Solid control and composure from Kiely with Olejniczak looking the heavier of the two.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:29 pm

Oh, and Matt Clempner got to do a lot of this earlier before setting up his submission win over Ben Forsyth.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:30 pm

Kiely looking very confident in the second round, keeping his hands low since the start.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:31 pm

This was the actual triangle submission, coming at 1:45 in the first round.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:32 pm

Richard Kiely standing off somewhat in round two here, waiting for Obi Wan to make his move. In and out, in and out, quick.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:36 pm

RESULT: It’s Round 2 (3:55) TKO for Richard Kiely, drops Obi Wan with a heavy hook and pounces for the finish. If you make a statement, you’ve got to back it up. That he did.

“I wasn’t lying. That’s why I’m the face of BAMMA” says Kiely, calling out Terry Brazier to get in to the cage and take him on now.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:42 pm

Little time to be waiting around as ‘Hercules’ Henry Fadipe makes his way to the cage for tonight’s eighth fight. Ion Pascu follows suit to an ominous heavy bass remix of Carmina Burana. Serious choice of tunes.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:45 pm

With 10 years between them, Dublin-based Henry Fadipe is booed out by the crowd on announcement. Bomberman Pascu might have a bit more of the crowd on his side here.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:47 pm

Two minutes done and it’s level pegging in the early exchanges. Fadipe pressing forward , keeping light on his feet but gets dumped with a huge takedown by Pascu.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:49 pm

With video highlights to follow, here’s how it looked cageside for Mick Brennan and Decky Dalton.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:49 pm

Strong Romanian contingent in the 3 Arena tonight if the cheers for Pascu are anything to go by. He slips from mount to half guard , has kept Fadipe on his back for nearly 3 minutes.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:50 pm

Commentators curse…. it’s lights out for Fadipe.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:50 pm

Pascu makes his dominance on the ground count, gets to his feet, drops a bomb on Fadipe who has to be carried to a stool centre cage.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:54 pm

There’s your winner. Bomberman indeed.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20177:56 pm

We’re about five minutes out from Rhys McKee and Richie Smullen for the featured preliminary bout. #1 contender slot for the Lonsdale Lightweight Title – winner gets a shot at Tim Barnett.

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:07 pm

Here we go! First out is Rhys Mckee looking nice and calm. Plenty of support to be heard inside the 3 Arena

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:10 pm

Now it’s Richie Smullen who makes the walk. Soaking up the cheers from the crowd as he walks into the cage.

Both men are ready to go!

Ken McGuire 7th July 20178:12 pm

60 seconds into round 1, Smullen gets into McKee’s half guard, starts to drop elbows, McKee goes for the armbar, all action.

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:17 pm

Wow! What a round. Richie dominating on the ground for much of the round and was so close to his trademark heel hook finish. Rhys to his credit battled on and managed to get back to his feet before landing some heavy blows himself and even managing to drop Smullen late in the round. Both men putting on a show here.

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:17 pm

Here goes round 2

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:18 pm

Both men standing in the middle and going shot for shot

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:19 pm

Halfway through and both men starting to look a little tired. Smullen has his man up against the cage

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:23 pm

Another very entertaining round. Both men showcasing some serious talent here tonight. We go to a deciding round. Hard to call it either way as it stands.

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:24 pm

Smullen gets his takedown in the final round. What can he do from here. 3:30 left

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:28 pm

We go to a decision after a 3 round war

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:32 pm

The bout has been called a majority draw. We did mention it was tough to call. Richie Smullen was dominating his opponent on the ground but to Rhys Mckee’s credit he stuck in and managed to land some big shots of his own. Both men put on a serious show and here’s hoping they will have to do it all again some time soon

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:32 pm

No waiting around here as Daniel Barez makes his walk to the cage for his matchup vs Ryan ‘Chaos’ Curtis

Ken McGuire 7th July 20178:33 pm

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:43 pm

All action in round one. Ryan Curtis taking some big shots before getting a takedown of his own. We move into round 2 and both men will feel they can do more to win this!

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:45 pm

Curtis Drops his man with a beautiful uppercut just 30 seconds into the second round. Barez holds on though and both men are back to their feet

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:49 pm

Barez ends the round on top and landing some big blows on his man. How much energy did that take out of him is the question? We go into round 3

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:56 pm

We go to a decision here

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20178:58 pm

Daniel Barez takes this contest via unanimous decision on a scoreline of 30-27. He is now the new BAMMA Flyweight Champion.

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20179:04 pm

Next up is the meeting of Fabian ‘The Assassin’ Edwards vs Aaron Kennedy at Middleweight

Edwards is coming into this fight with an impressive MMA record. He was 10-0 in the amateur ranks before making his pro debut and winning that via tko in round 1.

Kennedy, on the other hand, is making his pro debut here at BAMMA and holds a record of 4-2 in the amateur ranks

Ken McGuire 7th July 20179:08 pm

Kennedy makes his way to the cage backed by Foreigner’s Long Long Way From Home while J Hus’ Common Sense sends a sharp looking Fabian Edwards to the cage.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20179:10 pm

If you’re looking to watch the live leg at home, you’ll find it showing on Dave (UK) right now.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20179:15 pm

Round 1 in the bag for Fabian Edwards and Aaron Kennedy – Edwards with solid control, getting in some quick and heavy shots in the early exchanges. Kennedy looking the more worn out of the two. No heavy breathing from Edwards on the stool as he gets his arms loosened out.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20179:15 pm

Kennedy straight up on the whistle to mark the start of the second round, and we’re underway again…

Ken McGuire 7th July 20179:17 pm

RESULT: It’s an second round submission for Fabian Edwards – too much for Kennedy.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20179:20 pm

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20179:21 pm

Some Big names in the MMA world are present here tonight. Artem ‘The Russian Hammer’ Lobov, James ‘Strabanimal’ Gallagher and Neil ‘2 Tap’ Seery all interacting with the crowds and happy to get pictures taken.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20179:22 pm

Official result will be submission via rear naked choke, 0:44 into round 2.

Awaiting the announcement in the cage, but next out will be Rob ‘C4’ Sinclair and Paul ‘Redser’ Redmond for the penultimate fight of the night.

Ken McGuire 7th July 20179:24 pm

“I could have finished him in the first round. I made it hard for myself. I’m not that happy to be honest”, says Edwards despite a dominant win.

“These guys aren’t on my level”

“I’m trying to get on to the September card, will see how my foot feels. Back to the gym next week, clean up all those sloppy mistakes I made in the fight.”

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20179:35 pm

Rob ‘C4’ Sinclair and Paul ‘Redser’ Redmond have made their walks to the cage. Both men looking focused and ready for action. Huge support for home favorite ‘Redser’

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20179:38 pm

Cagey opening minute. Both fighters taking time to settle into their rhythm

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20179:43 pm

Round one comes to a close with neither fighter really landing anything of note. Some ground work by both men near the end of the round but it came to nothing. We go again for round 2

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20179:45 pm

‘C4’ catches Redmond with a right hook but Redser laughs it off and calls his opponent on for more. Confidence certainly not an issue here

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20179:46 pm

And it’s all over!

‘Redser’ Wins via submission mid way through round 2.

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20179:50 pm

James ‘Strabanimal’ Gallagher taking to the cage soon for a chat. Plenty of fans of his in the arena it seems as he is cheered on.

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20179:55 pm

Official decision has ‘Redser’ winning at 2:11 via Submission.

During his post fight interview, he calls for a shot at the lightweight Belt. ‘I’m not being big headed or anything but I’ve just beaten the previous champion in Rob’

Jamie Brophy 7th July 20179:56 pm

Rob’s turn to have his say and he drops a bombshell.

He has just announced his retirement from MMA saying he has given all he can to the sport. ‘I’ve trained for the wrong reasons this time and i don’t have it left in me’

Ken McGuire 7th July 201710:00 pm

How it ended between Redser and C4

Jamie Brophy 7th July 201710:01 pm

It’s now time for the main event of the evening as Shay Walsh and Alan ‘The Aprentice’ Philpott do Battle for the BAMMA Bantamweight Title

Ken McGuire 7th July 201710:02 pm

More Kendrick Lamar at bamma30 as Alan Philpott comes out to ‘Humble’.

Ken McGuire 7th July 201710:03 pm

The moment Rob Sinclair announced his retirement.

Jamie Brophy 7th July 201710:05 pm

And we’re off in the Main event

Jamie Brophy 7th July 201710:06 pm

Philpott lands a headkick early in the round which stuns Walsh. He hangs on!

Jamie Brophy 7th July 201710:09 pm

Drama here as Philpott lands a kick to the head of Walsh as he was trying to get back to his feet. Medical time out called

Jamie Brophy 7th July 201710:09 pm


It’s been called off. Huge Drama here in the Main event

Ken McGuire 7th July 201710:14 pm

DQ? No contest? Here’s how it ended.

Jamie Brophy 7th July 201710:17 pm

It’s been called no contest due to a suspected broken jaw incurred after the illegal, albeit unintentional, headkick from Philpott.

The Bantamweight belt remains vacant.

Ken McGuire 7th July 201710:29 pm

Last bout of the night.

Ken McGuire 7th July 201710:39 pm

2 minutes left in Round 2 here as Stringer and Stolze continue to trade on their feet.

Ken McGuire 7th July 201710:42 pm

We’re heading into a third round for the final bout of the night. Neither Stringer or Stolze looking like finishing in the first two rounds so it’s all to play for in the final five minutes.

Ken McGuire 7th July 201710:50 pm

And the last fight of the night goes the distance… and Chris Stringer comes away with the UD win, all three judges scoring the bout 29-28.

That’s it from myself and Jamie here too. Grab all the results here…

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